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We connect worthy founders with the right investors

and lead their marketing.


Future of Work

Media Tech


Mobile Gaming




We’ve been doing it for ourselves for decades – we’ll do it for you too!

CMO as a Service

Stepping in so you won’t have to post “Marketing Wanted” sign. From GTM to on-hands stuff.

Social Media

Behind every great VCs social account is us – making them look good, one post at a time.

Content Creation

Content that sells: ideas to investors, products to customers, articles to the media.

Investor Relations

Playing cupid for you & investors – no need for missed connections. We’ve got your back.

Market Research

Collecting data better than your mom’s GPT. Analyzing? Guess so. Insights included.

Brand Strategy

Crafting a brand that brings the right founders. For newborns and veterans.


horizon. is your marketing fellow who has built a bunch of startups himself.
Always focused on results and venture.

Alex Sherman

General Partner, YS horizon.

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