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We’ve been building startups since 2018. And businesses since 2009. We have a long story to tell, but the point is we’re still here and still inspired by the world. To create. To love. To live in then. In the middle of 2023, we united to combine and mix our experience, enabling us to create faster and on a larger scale. Always in the mood to build and lead.

Since 2023, we’ve realized that competition has entered the VC world as well. Niche VCs, Micro VCs, accelerators, classic VCs, crowdfunding platforms, angel communities… You name it. That’s why we decided to focus our services on crafting marketing for VCs themselves – making their founders’ seeking cheaper = raising IRR.

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Alex Sherman

Founder & GP

Edgar Yanichev

Founder & GP

Olga Nayda

Managing Partner

Anastasia Drobisheva

Creative Partner

Viktoriia Oleinik

Creative Partner

Azat Pilosyan

Data Analyst

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