You’re here to know what we might be paid for. Ok then:

We turn coffee into code, ideas into IPOs, and Mondays into launch days.

CMO as a Service

When you need marketing but don’t want to hire any employee – a fractional CMO is the solution. From GTM strategy to building teams and bringing the results.

Content Marketing

Create the content that sells: ideas to investors, products to customers, articles to the media. Diving into your domain and create, create, create.

Brand Strategy

Crafting a brand that attracts the right people. Identifying your audience and providing them with what they really want. All for your purpose.

Social Media

We are present where the founders hang out. With the right message, flavored with a bit of value, your leads become cheaper, and the IRR increases.

Investor Relations

From the appearance of your reports to utilizing automation tools – we’ve got your back with investor reports and your PR presence.

Market Research

Want to dive into a specific market or grasp general trends? We collect data better than your paid GPT. Analyzing? You bet. Insights included.

And we charge for advisory – so we really advise. Cumulative experience of 30+ startups in your service.

Think of us as your entrepreneurial fairy granddad. We might not have a magic wand, only regular one, but we’ve got something better: industry expertise! Along with old friends.