Alice in Wonderland – Startup Lessons

Everything got a moral, if You only can find it


Just finished “Alice in Wonderland” — the smallest book I ever read. And yeah, I’ve missed it when I was a kid. Frankly, threre’re no regrets about it cuz I’m not sure that it’s possible to realize all the meanings without personal experience. But today, today!

Sharing with you a several valuable business tips from this whimsical yet profound narrative. So:

1. Develop curiosity and exploration.

Alice chased after the White Rabbit. And if not — there will be no story at all.

Startup interpretation:

Foster a culture of curiosity and continuous learning within your venture. Innovative solutions often arise from questioning the status quo and exploring uncharted territories.

And dive into the unknown holes. At least sometimes.

2. Adaptability is the master key.

Alice changed her size around 42 times. Maybe 43–1. And it helped.

The tip:

Be prepared to scale up or down and pivot strategies as required. Sometimes you need to be Big, sometimes it’s better to be Small. Depends on the environment and the goals.

Implement flexible methodologies that can accommodate rapid changes in the market, much like how Alice had to adapt to her sudden changes in size.

And if You can avoid magic mushrooms to do so — that’s great 😼

3. Ask questions.

It may seem strange for the people around — but don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you feel you need.

And try to ask the right ones. They can lead to deeper insights and innovative solutions.

Tip for employer:

Encourage a culture where employees feel comfortable questioning and challenging processes and decisions. The better they understand the task — the more chances they will do it accurate.

4. Challenge conventional wisdom.

Traditional methods aren’t always the best. Sometimes, the most unconventional approach can be the most effective.

Stay open to unconventional business strategies and creative thinking like the Mad Hatter’s unorthodox tea party.

But better don’t try to put your employees into the tea cup.

5. The Value of diverse perspectives.

Diversity is good. And here’s why:

The world is made up of really different creatures. Whether you accept them or not, they are here, they are around.

That’s why you should listen to the opinion of a layman just as sensitively.

Data speaks that diverse teams much more efficient, btw.

6. Fight the fears.

Necessary for any entrepreneur. We live in uncertainty. So we have to face them every time — and even weird Queen wants to see you beheaded — stay strong and calm.

After all, it’s just a deck of cards. And there’s a good chance you’re just sleeping on your sister’s lap.

7. Storytelling.

Storytelling is a good practice for any business. Even if the story isn’t too smooth and raises a lot of questions — it’s better to have one. Or even 3: for customers, investors and employees.

8. Complex systems are still systems.

There’re a bunch of rules in Wonderland — and you’re stepping in without knowing any. Stay care, listen and learn — and you will navigate this new world quite good. No doubts.

9. Never give up.

Alice teaches us persistence and resilience:

  • Define your goals
  • Move forward
  • Adjust

But never give up. And inspire your team to do so as well.

It’s early morning, and due to the incessant rain — the ceiling in my expensive Tel Aviv apartment has been dripping for a week now. I haven’t slept well and I’m not ready to write a whole book.

But I’m sure you can get value out of a short essay.