Author: Alex Sherman

  • Startup Fundraising 2024: New Norms of Startup Capital

    Introduction Welcome to 2024, where the startup fundraising game has more twists than a pretzel factory. Gone are the days when throwing a fancy pitch deck into a sea of venture capitalists would guarantee a catch. Today, it’s about navigating through a maze, blindfolded, with one hand tied behind your back. Fun, right? In this…

  • Startups 2023 – A Symphony of Disruption

    As we wade through 2023, the startup ecosystem is buzzing with a disruptive energy that’s reshaping industries. Gone are the days of traditional business models; in their place, a new breed of startups is emerging, armed with innovation, technology, and a dash of boldness. These trailblazers are not just changing the game; they’re rewriting the…

  • Micro VC Phenomenon

    Micro Venture Capital (Micro VC) is an essential part of the startup funding landscape. It’s tailored for early-stage startups needing smaller capital infusions, typically less than traditional venture capital. Micro VCs often invest between $25K to $500K and operate with funds usually under $100M. They are particularly effective due to their targeted support, sector focus,…

  • The Art of Fundraising.

    The fundraising landscape in 2023 saw a significant decline, with global VC funding dropping 42% to $221 billion. However, the startup ecosystem is adapting, highlighting climate tech, healthcare, and education startups. New trends include the rise of Micro-VCs focusing on diversity and early-stage startups. Challenges include reduced funding rounds for both seed-stage and late-stage startups.…

  • Welcome Post

    Welcome Post

    YS Horizon is more than a blog; it’s a thriving community for dreamers, doers, and disruptors. It provides a mix of insights, stories and advice from the core of the startup ecosystem. The platform offers inspirational interviews, real success stories, and practical tips, all intended to empower one’s business journey.

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